ASK Pharm recognized as an “SIPO Model Enterprise”


The State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC (SIPO) is the national organization responsible for coordinating the administration, regulation, standardization and implementation of Intellectual Properties (IP) and relevant matters in China. “SIPO Model Enterprise” is one of the top awards issued by the Bureau in recognizing outstanding enterprises nationwide that have demonstrated consistent and excellent accomplishments in innovation and IP implementation. Each of the awardees of this recognition has met the national standards in inventing, managing, utilizing, and protecting IPs in their relevant fields, and demonstrated excellence and high-caliber standards for their peers across the country. ASK Pharm has recently been nominated by the Jiangsu Provincial IP Bureau, and subsequently awarded the prestigious title by the SIPO.

ASK Pharm has invested significantly and strategically in IP innovation and invention. Over the years, the Corporate has successfully completed numerous independent and innovative IP projects, tasked with provincial government for IP priorities and IP strategic planning, and passed the national certifications in IP and quality standardization. ASK Pharm was first recognized in 2009 as a “National IP Pilot Unit”; in 2013 ASK Pharm was advanced into the rank of “National Companies with IP Advantages”. In 2016 ASK Pharm was awarded as a “National Gold Medal for Outstanding Industrial Patents”, and now ASK Pharm has once again been recognized as one of the select “SIPO Model Enterprises”. The successful progressions of the Corporate in pharmaceutical invention and innovation are not only a compelling and distinguished recognition of IP accomplishments by ASK Pharm at provincial and national levels, but are a further aspiration for the Company to achieve more and higher in innovative productivity as well. We must excel in achieving novel and diverse commercialization, application and protection of pharmaceutical IPs, and maintain our leadership and reputation as one of the top brand-name pharmaceutical companies in China. 



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