ASK Pharm ranked in the “Top 100 National Pharmaceutical Companies”


Further to being awarded the honor of “Top National Innovator in Pharmaceutical R&D” for 9 consecutive years, ASK Pharm has  also been recognized as one of the “Top 100 National  Pharmaceutical Companies (2017)”. ASK Pharm was ranked in the  74th position, and it has received this title for 7 times.  

According to data collected and reported by China National  Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center (PHIIC), the  requirements for “Top 100” ranking have become more  competitive over the years, for example, the minimal annual  corporate revenue required for 2017 ranking was increased to  2.56 billion RMB from 2.44 billion RMB (2016). Moreover, the  national pharmaceutical industry has seen continuous  opportunities and challenges in 2017, at the same time there  has been extensive national and international exposure of  problems associated with pharmaceutical quality and drug use  safety. The government and regulatory agencies are also  enforcing significant reform and transition of regulatory  standardization and product innovation to meet the needs and  demands for quality healthcare by the general public. The  continued recognitions of ASK Pharm as a leading brank-name  pharmaceutical company this year will aspire our endeavors in  R&D innovation and quality pharmaceutical production, and  contribute to the health and well-being of the society as well  as the general public.




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