ASK Pharm continues business success on national stage

Septemper 6,2017
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The 34th China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference (2017) was held recently in Chengdu, China. ASK Pharm continues its success in strong and innovative corporate operation, and was recognized as one of the “Top 100 National Pharmaceutical Companies (2016)” by China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center (PHIIC). In addition, ASK Pharm was also ranked as one of the “Top National Innovators in Pharmaceutical Research and Development”. ASK Pharm has successfully maintained both prestigious titles for 8 consecutive years since 2009. 

The Chinese pharmaceutical industry and domestic market has undergone continuous changes and transformation over the years, and with current economic challenges and healthcare transitions, the level of competition for increased business has become extremely fierce. The ultimate direction for corporate success relies upon strengths and diversities in novel research and development, quality products and manufacture capacity. ASK Pharm has made significant and strategic investments in proprietary invention and innovation for years. It has consistently expanded its product sales and national market shares on an annual basis. The national recognition by both the experts and the peers this year is a clear indicator of corporate success in business management and investment. This will also inspire ASK Pharm to continue the direction and implement strategies in order to maintain the leadership role and make further contributions as one of the top brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers in China.  


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