ASK Pharm achieves “China Quality Award” recognition

January 17,2019
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The 3rd “China Quality Awards” ceremony was held in Beijing on  November 2, 2018. ASK Pharm was awarded a “China Quality Award  (Nomination Award)” by the State Administration for Market  Regulation (SAMR), for its “comprehensive and innovative  corporate management emphasizing on health”. The recognition  of a “China Quality Award” at the national stage is another  significant milestone and outstanding accomplishment for ASK  Pharm, which has consecutively secured various high-impact  awards including “Nanjing Mayor Quality Award”, “Jiangsu  Provincial Quality Award”, and “Global Performance Excellence  Award” in recent years. “China Quality Awards” is the highest  award issued by the Chinese Government, which recognize the  outstanding performance, quality innovation and management  executed by manufacturing industry, service sectors,  hospitals, education organizations and individuals at the  national level. This year, the selection of “China Quality  Award (Nomination Award)” has been highly competitive among  more than 300 manufacturing companies from a wide variety of  disciplines. The final “China Quality Awards (Nomination  Award)” were given to 31 organizations under the manufacturing  industry category, among which there were 4 finalists from the  pharmaceutical industry. ASK Pharm is the only awardee from  the City of Nanjing. 

ASK Pharm was founded by Dr. Qingcai Chen, President and CEO,  and is a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise specializing  in proton pump inhibitor (PPI) injection products and other  proprietary oncology medicines. With Corporate Vision of  “Driven for Health, Growth on Health”, ASK Pharm has become a  leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in China, making  significant contributions to innovative research and  development in quality pharmaceutical products and improvement  of general public health and quality of life. ASK Pharm has  consistently adhered to Corporate Mission of “Based on  Research, Oriented for Health”, by optimizing management,  operating, quality monitoring and surveillance. This  “comprehensive and innovative management model emphasizing on  the health of both ASK Brand and ASK products” is not only the  foundation of ASK’s successes at the national level, but will  also assure the continued successes of ASK Pharm in years to  come.

The Chinese government of all levels have always stressed the  importance of quality and effective pharmaceuticals, and  prioritized management reform and product innovation to assure  public health and well-being. The government’s new strategy of  “Quality First, Strong Country” will inspire ASK Pharm to  perfect its innovative management and operation system to keep  abreast of current national regulatory standards and  requirements. The achievement of a “China Quality Award  (Nomination Award)” by ASK Pharm is merely a new start-point  for us, ASK will make continued and persistent efforts in  maintaining ASK Brand reputation, developing more propriety  ASK innovations, and producing more specialized ASK products.  Ultimately, ASK Pharm endeavors to make significant  contributions to improving competitiveness of Chinese  pharmaceutical industry and ensuring the qualities and  strengths of Chinese pharmaceuticals both nationally and  internationally.   




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