ASK Pharm has always put people first, and regarded all employees the essential attributes to healthy and successful corporate growth.

ASK Human Resources emphasizes on principles of competency, fairness, collegiality, mutual respect, and professionalism, providing fair and challenging opportunities to all employees, supporting continued self-learning and perfection by all employees, and rewarding motivation, competency and diligence of all employees.

The consistent people-oriented policy in human resources and career advancement has not only assured the sustainable growth in corporate operation but also created a vast variety of employment opportunities for competent and self-motivated employees. 

Employee Recruitment:

Aiming at building a collective team for “A National Leader and Pioneer in Proprietary and Specialty Pharmaceutical Products”, Human Resources consistently adheres to principles of people-oriented, personal qualification, fair competition, and collective development, and recruits highly qualified, professional, innovative, and self-motivated personnel for the corporate. Every employee is fully aware of duties and responsibilities, and makes collective contribution to the smooth and productive operation of the entire company.

Employee Training:

Continued professional training and career development are two critical elements for all ASK employees.

Employee training programs are built on corporate values of  “Innovation for Ideas, Collaboration in Works, Obligation to Duties”, and employees are timely trained to keep abreast with knowledge and competency. Specifically, employee training has focused on four levels of operating fields, i.e., management, sales, research and development, and staff competency. This has resulted in continuous improvement in employment quality and assurance of corporate operation.

Employee Development

ASK Pharm is committed to creating a trustworthy and nurturing work environment for all employees and rewarding individuals based on performance and competency. Human Resources set consistent and current standards at each operating level, and make regular assessments of employees in terms of current technical competency, essential learning needs, and further career planning and advancement. This has greatly helped optimize staff recruitment and management, not only for the interest of corporate operation, but also for the benefit of work force to realize corporate vision of “Driven for Health, Growth on Health”.

Employment  Strategies

There are always high demands for self-motivated, competent, and diligent personnel in every work force. In order to succeed in current, competitive pharmaceutical market, ASK Pharm heavily relies on collective contributions from every qualified staff to meet stringent demands in product research and development, manufacturing, sales, and corporate management. For personnel hiring, the company has consistently adhered to principles of “people-oriented, fair competition, personal advantages, collective development”, with the objective of recruiting highly-qualified, professional, innovative and self-motivated personnel for the company.

There are over 100 scientists and researchers working in fields of product research and development at ASK Pharm. The company has also been approved to establish workstations for industrial post-doctorial training in pharmaceutical sciences. In addition, the company is always interested in recruiting scientists and administrators with previous working experience in R&D, management, marketing and sales. We also welcome those who have had oversea living/working experience to join onboard to make ASK Pharm a leading pharmaceutical innovator in Mainland China.


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